Firebird - a documentary about community at Findhorn in Scotland

26 Apr 2024 AEST

Village Hall, Narara Ecovillage, 33 Gugandi Road, Narara NSW, Australia Map

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Set in one of the oldest and most sustainable ecovillages in the world, 'Firebird' is a documentary about people and place. The Findhorn Ecovillage in The North of Scotland celebrates its 60th anniversary under a cloud of ongoing crisis, threatening its very existence. Like so many others around the world, the community there is facing enormous challenges and conflict due to the COVID pandemic, redundancies, an arson attack, geo-political turmoil and economic downturn. Subtle weaving of threads throughout the film connects the community to global issues, as well as to the realisation that so much of the world has changed, and is still going through turmoil. 

The film shows the resilience of the community. They rely on their strong history of spiritual practice and their connection to nature and each other to rise from the ashes of despair to a place of healing and hope for the future.

Narara members responses to the first screening:

  • What stood out for me was the woman who said “Once you go to live in community, you won’t ever be able to live out there in the “normal” world again!”  - once you’ve experienced real community it’s hard to go backwards. 

  • I loved the movie and it made me grateful for the wonderful community that we have in our village. Most of all it made me realise that it’s an appreciation that needs to stay in the front of our minds lest we lose it   When we become to bureaucratic we rely on more and more rules to dictate our relationships with one another without a level of compassion and understanding that should be awarded every human being.  It’s a balancing act of what’s required by the powers that be outside our gates which force us to be a clog in a wheel and the vision inside that wants to be “the more beautiful world we know is possible. “

Directed by Maria Viola Craig: "I have been connected to the Findhorn Ecovillage for many years. In making this film, I've witnessed first-hand the despair and anguish the Community is facing at this time. However, despite this, they are well aware that greater challenges are being faced by many all over the world. My aim in making this documentary is that in sharing their story, the film will connect with others globally who are facing similar challenges of loss. 'Firebird' might just ignite a spark of encouragement and hope in their heart."

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